Saints Cosmas and Damian of Arabia (October 17)


Life of the Saint

The holy brothers Cosmas and Damian were born in Arabia, who believed in Christ. They traveled through the cities and the villages, preaching Christ and healing the sick.

The saints would not take any sort of payment for the services they rendered, hence their category "Divine Unmercenaries" which means "Free of charge Physicians".

In the gulf of Iskanderon (Cilicia), where they practiced their careers and earned a great reputationn, pagans seized the holy physicians and led them before the Prefect Lysias.

For their refusal to renouce their Chrisian faith, Lysias ordered the saints to be brutally beaten, and then cast into the sea. An angel of God rescued them from the sea and brought them to shore.

Then the pagans beheaded the saints along with 3 other Christians: Leontios, Anthimos, and Eutropios.











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