Saint Pelagia of Antioch (October 8)

Life of the Saint

St. Pelagia was a Christian virgin. At fifteen years of age, soldiers came in search of her, evidently during the Diocletian persecution, in order to force her to offer publicly a heathen sacrifice. She was alone in the house, no one being there to aid her. She came out to the soldiers who sent after her, and when she learned of the order that they were to execute her, she requested permission to go again into the house in order to change her clothing. This was granted to her.

The virgin who probably knew what was ahead of her was not willing to expose herself to danger of being dishonoured. She therefore went up to the roof of the house and threw herself into the sea.

Thus she died, as St. John Chrysostom says, a virgin and a martyr, and was honoured as such by the Church of Antioch.











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