Saint Kyra of Syria (February 28)

Life of the Saint

Kyra was a close friend of St. Marona (or Marana). They were noblewomen from Borea in northern Syria. left the comforts of their homes, and, along with their maidservants formed a small monastic community on the outskirts of the town. They built a hut for the maidservants who wanted to join them in asceticism. For themselves, they built a walled area with no roof and filled in the doorway.They wore heavy iron weights shackled to their necks, waists & ankles. They lived for more than forty years in this way, from the late 4th century and into the 5th, exposed to the elements and with strict fasting. St. Kyra kept total silence. St. Marona gave spiritual counsel through a small window during the Pentecost season. Only God knows all of the holy feats accomplished through the prayers of these valiant women.

Troparion (Tone 6)
Through asceticism, holy struggle and virtuous life you have become our first ideal, an ornament for all women excelling men at bravery, shining with virtues; O Aleppian faithfuls, Marona and Kyra, intercede for us to Christ the Lord to grant us his majestic mercy.

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