Saint Julian of Homs (February 6th)

Life of the Saint

St. Julian or Elian, was born to pagan parents in the city of Emesa, modern-day Homs, Syria, in the 3rd century. We do not know how he came to faith in Christ, but his life and death attest to the fact that he did. He became a skilled physician and surgeon. He not only gave his services for free, but he was known as a generous philanthropist. And he not only healed bodies, but led many others to faith in Christ as well. But the other doctors in the city were jealous of his skills and resented his generosity.

The Roman governors were ordered to persecute Christians. Julian's father was a high-ranking officer in the city, so he arrested Bishop Silouan, Deacon Luke and Reader Mokimos, to torture them.
They beat them; then dragged them through the city behind a chariot, in order to publicly terrorize the Christians. They were tortured repeatedly. Julian sneaked into the prison and tended to their wounds. There he was arrested and brought to his father, who turned him over to the governor. he witnessed the execution of Silouan, Luke and Mokimos. Then his father had him tied to a horse and dragged through the streets.

He was imprisoned and tortured for months, but would not renounce the faith, instead he led all of the tormentors to Christ. Finally, his father had blacksmiths drive long spikes into Julian's head and feet. He walked to a cave outside of the city and yielded his soul into Christ's healing hands on February 6, 284.

A beautiful church, St. Julian Antiochian Orthodox Church (Deir Mar Ilian), was built in Emesa in his honor. During renovations to the church in 1970, his coffin was rediscovered.

Troparion (Tone 8)

O Holy and unmercenary wonderworker Julian, visit our infirmities. Freely you have received, freely give to us.

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