Sign of the Cross

The sign of the Cross is a very expressive symbol of remembering not only the great love of God for us as expressed by His sacrifice on the Cross, but also our response to His love. When we cross ourselves, we are acting out the greatest Christian commandment. We are saying: I love you, Lord, with all my mind [touching the head], with all my heart [touching the heart], with all my soul [touching the right shoulder], and with all my strength [touching the left shoulder].

We join the thumb, index and middle fingers of the right hand at their tips, at the same time we place the fourth and fifth fingers in the palm of the hand. We touch the forehead, then the breast, the right shoulder, and the left shoulder, in that order. The three fingers joined together represent the Holy Trinity. Three persons in God – the Holy Trinity. The other two fingers represent the two natures of Jesus Christ – divine and human.

Metropolitan Paul Saliba

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