Archbishop's Report 2007

Archbishop's Report 2007       

1. Collections 
The Archdiocese have sponsored variety of collections for different projects and catastrophes:

- For the Tsunami
- For the Earthquake in Armenia
- For the fire in Sydney
- For the Nursing Home in Tripoli- Lebanon
- For the Orphanage in Tripoli 
- For Balamand Theological School
- For a cancer patient in Lebanon

2. New Churches and Missions

1. The opening of St. Mary - Mt. Pritchard  December    1999
2. Completing St. Mary - Merrylands     2000
3. Sts Peter and Paul – Sydney    2000
4. St. Nicholas (Mayfield)      2000
5. Sts Michael and Gabriel- West Ryde    2001
6. St. Nicholas Bankstown (Macedonian)    2001
7. St. Michael - Sylvania       2002
8. St. Barnabas (Parkwood)      2001
9. St. Paul - Melbourne       2002
10.St. Mary - Melbourne       2002
11.Good Shepherd Mission - Melbourne    2003
12.Forty Holy Martyrs- (Mirboo North)    2005
13.John D’Alton - Melbourne      2006
14. Rev. Ron Beattie - Oxley      2006
15. Monastery (St. Anna) - Victoria     2006

New Zealand
1. St. George - Oakland       2001
2. Fr. Victor Didenko -  Romanian - Christ Church
3. Fr. Ilyan -   St. Michael - Dunedin

1. Fr. Elder – Christchurch St. Gregory of Nyssa
2. Fr. Ian St. George – Wellington
3. Keith Morrison - Ellesmere

New Priests
Fr Michel Zhaib        2001
Fr George Saad        2004
Fr John Kaunar        2007
Fr. Luke Bell        2006
Fr. Mitko Machevski        1998
Fr George Saada - Reinstated     2000
Fr. Geoff Harvey       2000
Fr Anthony Cagnoni       2005
Fr George Hage        2005
Fr. George El Khoury       2005
Fr. Ron Beattie        2006
Fr. John D’Alton       2006
Fr Norman De Silva       2005
Fr Michael Elder       2003
Fr. Victor Didenko       2003
Fr. Ian Nield        2002
Fr. Vladimir Ivlenkov       2002
Fr George Mattar
Fr George Bosauder
Fr. Nicholas Haddad
Rt. Rev. Themistocles
Fr. Columba        2000


Max Perkins
J.P. Mawal
Keith Morrison   
John Hubbart   
Rafic Al Baba
Andrei Grenfell
John Whiteside
Tom McArdle


1. Rev Fr Stephen Godley - Left the Jurisdiction
2. Rev Fr George Robinson - Left the Jurisdiction
3. Rev Fr Nicholas Gan - Left the Jurisdiction

4. Rev Hieromonk Fr Benjamin (Forbes) - Left the Jurisdiction

5. Parish Priest West Croydon SA - Reposed

6. Rev Fr Columba - Reposed

7. Rev Fr Hanna Ajia - Ceased Serving
8. Fr Dn Bert Gerges - Left the Jurisdiction

9. V Rev Fr Nicolas Mansour - Retired
10. V Rev Fr Michel Khouri - Retired

11. Rev Fr Ted Doncaster - Retired
12. Fr Dn John Nasr - Left the Jurisdiction
13. Rev Fr John Vesic - Left the Jurisdiction

14. Fr Dn Chris Gain - Left the Jurisdiction
15. V Rev Archimandrite Fr Themistocles Adamopolou is with the Patriarchate of Alexandria


Established active youth organizations in all of the churches.
English Liturgy (Evening) in all the Churches.
Sunday Schools in all the churches.
Arabic School St. Nicholas Punchbowl
Welfare -  St. Nicholas Punchbowl  1999
Theology School - Sydney    2000
Theology School-  Melbourne    2004
Youth Centre St. George - Melbourne  2006
Coxia – Help the elderly - Melbourne  2004
Ladies’ Committees - all the Churches
Church Councils - all the Churches
Sunday Schools- all the Churches
Clergy training seminars
Archdiocese Ladies Committee - all the Churches
February Youth month all over the Archdiocese
Sunday of Orthodoxy - all the Churches together in NSW
Sunday of Orthodoxy - all the Churches in Melbourne
Sunday of St. Mary of Egypt, all the Churches together in NSW , 5th Sunday of Great Lent
 Sunday of St. Mary of Egypt - all the Churches together in  Melbourne, 5th Sunday of Great Lent.
Christian education curricula for all the churches
Theology students Balamand (4)
Theology students St. Andrew  (1) - Sydney
General assembly to elect B.O.T. members and general policy of the Archdiocese
School for Byzantine Music

In Planning

Elementary School in Sydney
Elementary School in Melbourne
Nursing Home in Melbourne
Child Care Centre in Sydney   Bankstown
Child Care Centre in Sydney St. Mary Mays Hill

Retirement Clergy Fund (Planned)           

2006 - To provide financial help to the retired clergy and khourieh.

Purchased properties

Two properties Melbourne St. Nicholas, youth and Sunday school facilities
Archdiocese Headquarters
Sts Peter and Paul Property for building a Church – Mt Druit
St. Nicholas Bankstown Large property with Church and hall
St Paul Dandenong Melbourne Building and property
St. Nicholas Punchbowl Four properties
St. Mary Merrylands Property for child Care
St. Elias Wollongong New priest’s house
St. Paul Brisbane Building a new Church
St. George Redfern a new shop
Monastery in Newcastle (care of the Archdiocese)

Planned to Purchase Properties

St. Mary Melbourne
Archangels West Ryde
St. Michael Sylvania 

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