Archdiocesan News for January 2008

Theology Classes for 2008

To begin on Thursday 24th January 2008

Venue: Old Headquarters
8 Henry St,

Time: 7:00pm to 9:30pm

A) Introduction to the New Testament (Metropolitan Paul)
B) Interpretation of the New Testament (Fr Dr John)

The course will end on Thursday 17th April.

There will be one week break (March 6th)


The Epiphany (Theophany Services) or the Baptism of the Lord in the Jordan

The services:

Saturday 5th January: 7:00pm Great Vespers

Sunday 6th January: Divine Liturgy to be followed by the Blessing of the Water.

It has been our Antiochian Church Tradition for the priests to visit the homes of the faithful and bless them. If your priest does not stop to bless your home, give him a reminder phone call.


Orthocare Melbourne

Our Archdiocese has established in co-operation with the Churches in Melbourne an Orthocare.

The office located at St Nicholas. The Director is Dr Jamileh Abu Duhou.

The organisation provides assistance for the senior citizens, language classes, youth and parents counselling etc.

For more information, please contact the Directors Office.


Raising your children right

“Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it” (Proverbs 22)

Raising children today is a difficult task. The seeds that you plant in this stage is what will guide them in the future. It is important to teach our children the message of the Church and the Gospel.

Dr Eman Sharobeem, from the Immigrant Women’s Health Service Inc, will conduct 5-7 weekly sessions FREE. The 1st session to be held on:

Monday 18th February 2008

Time: 10am to 12pm

Old Headquarters
8 Henry St,

Sessions are free

Languages are English and Arabic

If interested, please contact your priest and give him your and your children’s names.


B.O.T Meeting

The next meeting for the Archdiocese Board of Trustees to be held on the 7th March 2008-01-09

Old Headquarters
8 Henry St

Time: Friday March 6th to Sunday the 9th



The Archdiocese clergy symposium to be held beginning Monday 12th May to Friday the 16th.

Venue: Sydney

More information will follow


Chaplaincy Program
First Orthodox Chaplain
Father John D'Alton from Melbourne was accepted as the first Chaplain with the Australian Army. We are very happy for this great opportunity and wish Fr John all the success.


Delegates from the Philippines
An evangelical bishop and the head of an evangelical group will be visiting Australia as guests of His Eminence Metropolitan Paul.
The delegates will spend ten days discussing ways and means to join the Antiochian Orthodox Church.
We welcome Bishop Jeptah and Rev. Pascualito.


The following clergy have been released from our Archdiocese:

Luke Bell (Priest)
Chris Gain (Deacon)


Who are we?
The Orthodox Church is a family. A body made up of different people, united by the Bond of Love.

In its heart, the Church is a community of people travelling together through life to reach their aim “unity with their Lord Jesus Christ”.

Like every family, the Orthodox have their ups and downs, good times and bad. We have a heritage from which our values and codes have come.

Our family is not based on race or blood, on colour or nationality, but on spiritual bond of faith. The Orthodox believe in God who is love, a God who creased us because of His love. And because of that love, He was incarnated and took a body like ours over 2000 years ago in Palestine. That Jesus was himself God incarnate – God made man.

Jesus during His short life preached and left us the Gospel and twelve disciples and others to carry His message and to lead His followers to His Kingdom. Jesus died, but He was risen after three days in the tomb. He appeared to His disciples and others so many times. This presence transformed their lives. Their faith in Him as God took a quantum leap. They travelled all over preaching that Jesus is the Son of God, the Christ, God – with and in us. They found in their physical suffering and death a real freedom and promise of life in this life and in the next. After fifty days of the Resurrection of Our Lord, the Holy Spirit descended upon a large number of His followers, filled them and sent them to do the Gospel’s mission.

The followers lived in a new vision for their lives. They felt His presence in the depth of their humanity. They came to the point where they felt that they are as “The Body of Christ”, His people in whom the Holy Spirit dwelt. Their bond of love attracted many pagans. Their faith spread to all parts of the known world. They faced persecution, and difficulties. But the experience of the faith continued to be transmitted through the ages, passed down through the word of mouth, through sacraments, traditions, sacred writings and practice of the communities.

We continue the story

The today society bombards us constantly with the “bad news”, but our Gospel is the “Good new”.

You and your Orthodox Church are heirs and continuation of the first community of the disciples and first followers of the Master. The Risen Lord who is calling you and motivating you is calling you to hear His message and experience His Fatherly Love.

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