His Eminence - Paschal Message 2007

To my Brothers the Clergy, the faithful of our community,

Blessing from the Resurrected Lord and Saviour.

I salute all of you in the love of the Risen Lord who is receiving you with open arms after you have completed with joy the period of the Great Lent. You were tried and cleansed, and were patient and even some of you have received glory, and all of you have received His love. Those who did not complete the Lent, today is the day he/she may have the joyfulness of the Feast. The one who arrived late to the Table of Salvation, might find joyfulness which he had never expected. The Table descended on us and we approach it hoping to receive His body and Blood worthily to fulfil our hunger and thirst to get united by Him and He in us.

We will enjoy the Feast if we were able to see the Son triumphing over sin and death. Do you remember the words of the Lord to Lazarus’ sister “I am the Resurrection and the Life…” He is my and your resurrection, today and tomorrow. It is the pure resurrection in every heart. It is conviction of triumph and freedom in Jesus Christ. It is the realisation that the sadness from now on will not take over our soul, and death has no power over us. Pascha is a permanent pass-over to the face of the Creator. We welcome new creation liberated from all the interior sin.

The Lord had warned us that we, in this world, will face difficulty and tribulations and the life of the real believers is going to be difficult, because they have decided to have their Lord the important thing in their lives. The foundation of the family has eroded, the illness spread all over us due to the lack of love, the people put much pressure on us, but we are convinced that Jesus with us for ever.

Our belief in the Resurrection bestowed on our shoulders a heavy responsibility because from this day on we will not be able to live thinking our Baptism is not active inside us. We were Risen with Jesus and will live as He is living. Anyone of us sees in himself something wrong must correct it. Whoever felt that he had not prepared himself, let him pray and the Grace of the Holy Spirit will ignite him.

Let every one of us be a light. The family to get united, the parish to work together as one Body of Jesus Christ.

If the Resurrection does not become permanent in us, that means it is a mere celebration. If it transforms us to Jesus face then it is really a Feast. Let us leave the petty differences and let us approach the Saviour and promise Him our commitment. If we re not worthy, the One who rose us from the darkness, then we will not have inherited His love. “Christ is Risen” is not a salute anymore. In hope it becomes a salvivic truth.

Christ is Risen and destroyed death by His Death.


Metropolitan Archbishop Paul

Primate of Australia and New Zealand

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