Day of Peace for Palestine - Israel (4th June)

A Prayer Service to mark International Church Action for Peace in Palestine and Israel
(ICAPPI) was held at Saint George Cathedral, Redfern NSW on the 04th June 2008.

» Is there anything better than the unity for a world peace? 
» Or is there any more essential demand for humanity than peace?
» Or are people everywhere, in every time will dream of a better and secure future if there is no peace? 
» Is there any hope in bringing the different people to work and live together without peace?

I thank the Almighty and at the same time to express my pleasure to hold this prayer gathering in our St. George Cathedral.
As religious believers, from different denominations, it is up to us to carry the torch of love and peace, human rights and freedom, and to ensure that our message is going to the world, even if the ears of this world is closed, it is our responsibility according to the command of our Lord to teach and preach ceaselessly that man must take care of his/her human neighbour who is also created on His creator image and likeness. 

No individual in the international community should be left out because of his/her race, religion, nationality or any other personal characteristics.  Together we are called to implement the seeds which call to honour all human creatures as brothers and sisters, a message of love, acceptance and tolerance between individuals and people.
In this spirit, I am calling and encouraging the dialogue between Christians, Muslims and Jews everywhere.  Thus all forces to be mobilised in the services of all the warring spots in the world, and especially in the Middle East so that the next generation might follow our steps as genuine brothers and sisters in humanity as children to the same Father.

Prayers and dialogue are two main tools which can help us to escape from the endless spiral of conflict tensions and wars which mark Israel – Palestine, the Middle East, and a good part of the world and to find right and just solutions.  Our aim is to give the people the opportunity to live in harmony and peace, with mutual respect, tolerance and brotherhood.

We all, Christians, Muslims and Jews can and should work together in mutual respect for peace and for a better future for all people, but especially for the land of peace, Palestine-Israel, because we are the children of the one and same Father.
This is my sincerest hope I share with you today: that all of us will continue to develop increasingly friendly and constructive relationships, in order to share our mutual humanity.
The people of Palestine and Israel have suffered too much for too long, isn’t it time to come together with open mind and heart and negotiate a peace, a co-existence?
We all pray for that moment to happen now and not tomorrow.

Thanking all of you


Metropolitan Archbishop Paul
Primate of Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines


His Eminence Metropolitan Archbishop Paul Saliba Primate of the Antiochian Orthodox Church,
together with the NSW Ecumenical Council, invited the Clergy and the Faithful of the Archdiocese and all who wish to be part
of this call for Justice and Peace, to attend A Prayer Service to mark International Church Action for Peace in Palestine and Israel
(ICAPPI) at Saint George Cathedral, Redfern NSW on the 04th June 2008.
ICAPPI is an initiative of the World Council of Churches which encourages churches around the world to act in solidarity with the people of the Holy Land in calling for a just peace to end the Middle East conflict.
ICAPPI will be observed by religious communities throughout the world during the week 4-9 June 2008.

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