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Antiochian Community Support Association (ACSA)

Senior Citizen Group

» Arabic speaking seniors
» Social interaction
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32 34 Plunkett Rd
Dandenong 3175

Meets every second Friday 10.00 – 12.00 pm

More Information:
Margaret Kharoufeh 03 9792 2066

The Beginnings

In late 2002, some members of Saint Paul Antiochian Orthodox Church in Dandenong started meeting together to establish a body which would provide a range of community services for Arabic speaking people in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. This body, known as the Antiochian Community Support Association (ACSA), gained incorporation on 11 September 2003. Since that time it has applied for and managed funds received from governments and private bodies to offer services on a non-sectarian and non-political basis.

ACSA's mission

ACSA's mission is to serve Arabic-speaking families and individuals (children, youth, women, men, elderly, and disabled people) living in the south-eastern region of Melbourne.
ACSA seeks funds to offer a range of services such as language and educational classes, information sessions, employment assistance and skills, counselling services, health services, and for sporting, recreational and cultural activities.
In offering these programs and services, ACSA respects the ethnic, cultural and religious diversity of Arabic-speaking people, and encourages their full participation in Australian society.


In its short history, ACSA has shown itself willing to offer guidance and assistance to any organisation who may request it. To date, these have included the Antiochian Orthodox churches of Saint George Melbourne, and Saint Elias in Adelaide.
Activities and services are publicised among the Arabic speaking community in the south-eastern region.
ACSA has already been successful in obtaining funding grants as outlined below:

ACSA Projects Index (June 2005)
Project Funding Source                                                     Award Date  Finish Date

AP-001 Parenting Groups 1 & 2 Moreland 2003 Mar  2003 Jun
AP-002 ACSA Administration Costs Dandenong 2003 Aug 2003 Oct
AP-003 Parenting Groups 3 & 4 Moreland 2003 Sep 2003 Nov
AP-004 Women & Youth Dandenong 2003 Dec 2004 Dec
AP-005 Migrant and Refugee Women VMC 2004 Jun 2005 Sep
AP-006 Multicultural Senior Citizens VMC 2004 Jun 2006 May
AP-007 Orthodox Youth Conference VMC  2004 Jun -
AP-008 Women's Health  A.C.C 2004 Jun -
AP-009 ABCD Parenting Groups Anglicare 2004 Aug 2004 Nov
AP-010 Transport and Hall Hire Dandenong 2004 Sep 2005 Jun
AP-011 Small Equipment Grant Dept of FCS 2005 Jun 2005 Jul
AP-012 ACSA Building Grant VMC 2005 Jun -

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