About the Archdiocese

Our Antiochian Archdiocese ministers to the spiritual and administrative needs of Orthodox Christians throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Our Archdiocese belongs to the jurisdiction of the Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch and All the East.

Our Patriarchate is blessed and honoured to have been established by the Holy Apostles Saint Peter and Saint Paul before they went to Rome and their deaths at the hands of the Romans.

Our Archdiocese is led by His Eminence, Metropolitan Archbishop Paul Saliba, counselled by the representative Board of Trustees, under the ultimate guidance of the Patriarch and Holy Synod of Antioch and All the East.

1. Archdiocesan Reports
   Yearly reports compiled by Metropolitan Archbishop Paul relating to the progress of the Archdiocese.

» 2007 Archdiocesan Report, delivered by Metropolitan Archbishop Paul to the Board of Trustees
» 2006 Archdiocesan Report, delivered by Metropolitan Archbishop Paul to the Board of Trustees
» 2005 Review of the Archdiocese, in an article written by Dr John Melki and published the March 2005 issue of WORD magazine.

2. Chaplaincies
Details of university and military chaplaincies sponsored by the Archdiocese.

3. Charitable Institutions
Details of Orthocare, sponsored by parishes and our Archdiocese.

4. Religious Education
Orthodox Christian Studies within the Archdiocese.

5. Monastic Institutions
Details of St Anna's Monastery, a monastery within our Archdiocese.

6. History of the Antiochian Archdiocese in Australia & New Zealand

7. Biographies
The biographies of some of the clergy, past and present, within the Archdiocese.

8. Contacting the Archdiocese
Contact details for the Archbishop and office of the Archdiocese.

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