Antiochian Saints

Synaxis of the Great Saints of the Holy Church of Antioch

First Row: Left to Right

John the Righteous of Damascus (December 4)
Saint John Chrysostom, Archbishop of Constantinople (November 13)
Apostles Sts. Peter and Paul (June 29)
Apostles Sts. Peter and Paul (June 29)
Holy Great Martyr George the Trophy-Bearer (April 23)
Saint Thekla the Protomartyr (September 24) 

Second Row: Left to Right

The Martyr and Deacon Habib of Edessa (November 15)
Andrew of Crete Author of the Great Canon (July 4)
Saint Meletios of Antioch (February 12)
Saint Cosmas The Hymnographer, Bishop of Maiuma (October 14)
Saint Victor of Damascus (November 11)
Saints Sergios and Bacchos (October 7)
Saints Sergios and Bacchos (October 7)

Third Row: Left to Right

Saint Isaac the Syrian, Bishop of Ninevah (January 28)
Saints Cosmas and Damian of Arabia (October 17)
Saint Theodore, Bishop of Edessa (July 19)
Saint Barbara the Great Martyr (December 4)
Saint Raphael of Brooklyn (First Saturday of November)
Saint Joseph of Damascus (July 10)

Forth Row: Left to Right

Saint Kyra of Syria (February 28)
Saint Maron (February 14)
Saint Ephraim the Syrian (January 28)
Saint Julian of Homs (February 06th)
Saint Ananias the Apostle (October 1)
Saint Pelagia of Antioch (October 8)

Fifth Row: Left to Right

Saint Pelagia the Penitent (October 8)
Saint Romanos the Melodist (October 1)
Saint Ignatios of Antioch (December 20)
Saint Christina of Tyre (July 24)
Saint Artemios of Antioch (October 20)

Top Row: Left to Right

Saint Simeon the Stylite (September 1)
Saint Daniel the Stylite (December 11)
Our Lady of Sayidnaya (Located at the centre of the Icon)

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