Thursday 25 August, 2016

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Saints and Feasts
Return of the Body of Bartholomew the Glorious Apostle
Titus the Apostle of the 70
Bishop Gortyne of Crete, Disciple of the Holy Apostle Paul
John the Cappadocian & Epiphanius, Patriarchs of Constantinople
Holy Father John of Carpathia

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» Sunday 21st Aug 2016 - Troparion, Kontakion, Epistle & Gospel [English/Arabic] - 8/17/2016 [View]

» Archdiocese News - THE UNCHANGING FACT IN A CHANGING WORLD [English/Arabic] - 8/9/2016 [View]

» Sunday 14th Aug 2016 - Troparion, Kontakion, Epistle & Gospel [English/Arabic] - 8/9/2016 [View]

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» His Eminence on the Epiphany 2009

» Open unto me the doors of repentance [Arabic]

» Preparation For Lent - Sunday of Zacchaeus 

His      Eminence Metropolitan Archbishop Paul Saliba

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"Featuring a recent visit to the Philippines [Video]"



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of North America

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The Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia, New Zealand & the Philippines is pleased to introduce 'St Michael's Antiochian Village’ in Goulburn Australia.

This exciting new project will offer our youth a living experience of the Holy Orthodox Faith in a safe and natural environment.

The Antiochian Orthodox Village in Goulburn will change the lives of our faithful youth, their parents and grandparents, by providing true Christian hospitality in an Orthodox spiritual environment, edifying both body and soul.




"Bringing all Orthodox Australians together".

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Orthodox Faith

The Twelve Great Feasts of the Church

The Church year begins on September the 1st and the ecclesiastical year  is marked by many Feasts.
The greatest of all of these is "The Feast of the Resurrection of Christ" more usually called Pascha or Easter.
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The Feast of the Resurrection of Christ
Pascha (Easter)

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