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His      Eminence Metropolitan Archbishop Paul Saliba

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From the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese
of North America

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Christmas 2014

Once again, on Christmas Eve, the Heavens will open up and the Angels will proclaim again their message to each of us. What will we offer Christ? What can we offer to Thee, O Christ? A contrite heart filled with love for our fellow man, a heart full of warmth and love wherein the Christ child can enter and fill our beings with His radiance and divinity so that we may become co-workers of Christ in His new kingdom of justice, peace and love. We have nothing else which Christ desires of us but our whole beings, our heart, mind and soul. Let us prepare ourselves with prayer, good deeds, Confession and Holy Communion so that once again as He knocks on the door of our soul, He will not be turned away but rather He will be able to enter in and reveal to us a whole new world, will make us true sons of God.
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Orthodox Faith

The Twelve Great Feasts of the Church

The Church year begins on September the 1st and the ecclesiastical year  is marked by many Feasts.
The greatest of all of these is "The Feast of the Resurrection of Christ" more usually called Pascha or Easter.
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The Feast of the Resurrection of Christ
Pascha (Easter)

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